DNS™ Warranty Program

DNS™ guarantees system performance up to a period of 25 years after approved installation. The guarantee cover system and application performance according to: 

  • EN50173-1:2002, 
  • ANSI/EIA/TIA-568-B.2:2002 and 
  • ISO/IEC 11801-2 at the time of proper signed application form.

The DNS™ system and application warranty is only available when systems are installed and tested by DNS™ authorized installer and approved Company.

* Approval of site and design shall be done before installation starts.
* After 10% of cable installed lines should be tested selectively.

To obtain a guarantee for DNS™ cabling, the Company after the end of installation, shall submit to company which performs distribution of DNS™ in your country, the following documents in electronic form:

1. Registration form containing list of components and information on the object. Registration form is provided by local distributor.

2. Results of line testing in accordance with EN50173 in electronic form (acceptable file format .flw, .pdf). In all cases 100% of the links must be tested. Acceptable testing equipment:

- Fluke® DTX series (1200, 1800), DSX5000.
- For Fiber optics other test equipment are acceptable.

3. Photos of installation examples (panel termination in cabinets, cable pathways and etc.).

* Lansyst reserves the right to inspect and selectively test the installed lines. 

In case there are no errors or claims, Lansyst shall issue Warranty Certificate.

The warranty period starts from the date of present of Registry Form.

The warranty covers defects in either materials or workmanship for the full 25 years. During the warranty time, all the defects resulted from our production will be replaced by confirming parts 100%. Defective products will be repaired or replaced at Lansyst cost.

If any problem appears the user should contact local authorized DNS™ distributor or installer. The DNS™ Partner will contact with Lansyst authorizes and start immediate investigation of the warranty case.

All the expenses will be resolved between Lansyst and their partner who shall submit the labor and material cost.

Lansyst cannot be held responsible for any unrelated damages caused by use of Data Network System.